Beautify Your Space With New Concrete

CONCEPTS IN CONCRETE in Houston, Texas, has coating systems that range from, "extreme abuse" environments to decorative coatings for your back patio or other home improvement projects. See what type of application each system is popular with here.
Metallic Epoxy / Marble System

Our newest line, Metallic Epoxy, gives your floors an exquisite, one of a kind marble look.

This is a Blend of 100% Solids Epoxy, with Metallic additives, for a Marble finish.  It is a 2 coat system, with a Black Epoxy Primer, followed by a 100% solids Epoxy top-coat, with a colored Metallic Powder mixed in. On some applications, we also add a third coat of Polyurethane for extra gloss and durability.

Decorative Epoxy With Flake Broadcast System

This is a three-coat system. It includes an epoxy basecoat, a flake or chip broadcast, and a polyurethane top-coat to finish.

Industrial Epoxy / Polyurethane System

Another three coat system, the industrial epoxy flooring/polyurethane system includes an epoxy basecoat primer, a second coat of 100 percent solid industrial epoxy, and broadcast flakes or color-quartz for effect. We finish it with a final coat of industrial polyurethane for UV stability.
Seamless 'Ultra' Epoxy

We start with an epoxy basecoat primer, add a second coat of 100 percent solid industrial epoxy color coat and add broadcast flakes or color-quartz for effect. After this three coat process, we finish it with a final coat of 100 percent solid clear-coat for an "under glass" effect. We also use a fiber tape for tile, diamond, or border patterns.

Spray Texture Or Trowel Down

This is a decorative concrete system that consists of a fiber tape pattern over prepared concrete. We shoot a polymer concrete for a knockdown and anti-slip profile. We then install acrylic concrete sealers for color and pull tape for clean patterns, followed by clear-coat sealers to finish.
Pattern Stamping

This is the elite among all decorative stamped concrete options. This system consists of a quarter-inch overlay installed on prepped concrete. We mix a color broadcast to hard trowel into the stamp mix and use a stamp pattern with colored release for highlights. At the end, we clean and install clear coats to seal.

Acid Staining

We either score or tape for designs and borders after a deep concrete cleaning. Then we install two coats of acid stain to etch and penetrate the concrete and then clean and neutralize residue completely. This is followed by installing a clear coat sealer then an industrial wax to finish.
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